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Machine Vision

Industrial image processing concerns the inspection and testing of products manufactured from all kinds of materials, making sure that each product is free from defects or deficiencies. Depending on the material and the nature of the product, this typically means that the specific light colour required and the optical performance are especially important. We create lighting drivers that are specially developed for your lighting needs and the product which is being checked or tested. This means that you can produce and test even large quantities of products and ensure that their quality remains consistent. The drivers can be adapted to suit a wide range of different testing processes and products, such as food products, bank notes or lacquers. In this specialist area, we also produce various components which can support and facilitate your project.

industrielle Bildverarbeitung mit LED

Machinensehen als LED-Anwendung


Curing systems

Hardening or curing systems in industry often use light within the UV spectrum. Additionally, this light source typically needs to achieve a very high power output, usually around 500 watts. Using our core control components, we help you build even the most complex systems for drying and hardening adhesives, varnishes and other surface coats. When using light in chemical processes, it is particularly important to ensure that dangerous reactions are not set off by excessive heat. LED lighting is a low-risk alternative, helping you avoid this danger. LED lights can be optimised to suit each individual application and succeed in even the most demanding applications, thanks to their high performance and long life span.

Härtungssysteme mit LED-Treiber-Lösungen


Cinematographic applications demand a wide range of options for creating different lighting effects in a scene. It is especially important that the picture is clear, that the light does not flicker, and that the dimming functions operate smoothly and fluidly. We create drivers which enable the most accurate adjustments and can be implemented with equally high precision and efficiency. Since size is less of a deciding factor in these types of applications, there is wide-reaching potential to create exciting new concepts and comprehensive functions.
Kinematografie Anwednung von LED-ODM

Tough lighting

Lighting in industrial applications has to stand up to a number of different stresses. Corrosive substances, extreme temperatures, dangerous chemicals, mechanical stresses and even simple substances like oil, water, steam and dust; all these tough conditions demand a considerable level of robustness in both the LED outfit and its components. That’s why we make sure to anticipate and deal with these kinds of damaging conditions right from the initial development phase onwards, and test the components in real-life simulations before they go into mass production.



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Relevance of each LED attribute relative to its respective application

Light-emitting diodes are characterised by their specific optical, electronic and thermic properties. This makes them suited for a wide variety of lighting applications in industrial settings. dilitronics engineering specialises in professional applications related to technical lighting needs, for example industrial image processing, hardening and curing systems, or cinematography.