dilitronics frees up your core business, reliably and flexibly facilitating the manufacture of your product. As you need it, when you need it.


dilitronics Continuous Supply

If any changes or technological developments occur during your project, we’ll update everything for you; with no extra effort on your part, you receive the most up-to-date product possible. Always.


We’ll take care of it all for you:

  • component cancellation
  • supply bottlenecks of primary products
  • product optimisations
  • new variants

You place your order, we deliver punctually and with the product’s correct function guaranteed.

Your benefits in case of…

component cancelation

Sourcing of an alternative or reengineering of the product if necessary – transparently and cost-neutral.

new variants

dilitronics engineering always provides you with the latest approved version of the product.

product modifications

You are only required to consume the safety stock – the stock in question will be delivered fully up-to-date as per the terms of your order (provided that it does not necessitate significant changes to the cost structure of the project).




Virtual production



Smart Manufacturing allows us to virtually process manufacturing via several different partners. This means that your project is carried out flexibly, quickly and free from bottlenecks.


  • Risk distribution and stability
  • Efficiency via established processes
  • Second Source Strategy implemented automatically
  • flexible variant management