• Developing LED electronics with a focus on robust construction and efficient production.
  • Verifying quality in the product and its transition to large-scale production.
  • Logistics and Lifecycle management.

…All from a partner who has mastered the subject of LED!

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The path to the finished product does not always follow a straight line. We give you expert advice should your development project run into problems or raise new questions. Even if your requirements for the product should change, our specialist staff are at your service – as with every step of your project. We are always available to provide updates and support, quickly and directly.Beratung LED-Treiber Industrie


Every product development phase usually begins with an idea. This comes from you – but we’re happy to help, showing you the possibilities and opportunities available to you via our technology. Perhaps you already have a more concrete idea and you’re looking for electronic components specifically designed for your unique LED application. We develop components from the ground up according to your particular needs and specifications. From prototype to finished components, we offer ODM services in line with your requirements.

Industrie LED Elektronik


From large production runs to small batches, we’re prepared to take on projects of any size. We work exclusively with our ISO-certified partners to ensure the highest possible quality. We rely on virtual manufacturing, monitoring free capacity among our partners and bundling multiple small orders together for best efficiency, making sure that everyone benefits from your project.

LED Entwicklung Industrie


Quality control

We make sure that your products function exactly as they ought to. To this end, we test the components thoroughly, in conditions that reflect their real-world use, and with testing facilities ideally suited to the task. This allows us to ensure that the product works reliably in the context of how it will ultimately be implemented. We even test the product under extreme stresses so that we can check that the components will stand up to all the demands that will be placed on them.



Your products will be stored in our warehouse until you need them. The storage conditions are optimised for the particular requirements of each product, so that their reliable quality and effortless functionality are guaranteed when the product reaches you. We are happy to provide you with advice about how to optimally store the product in your facility, should you require it.

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