dilitronics takes care of your products and your customer’s needs quickly and reliably, without burdening your internal resources.


Why dilitronics?


…your product development and production to us lets you focus on your customers and your business.

An all-round solution:

…Consultation – development – production – logistics – quality control – support. dilitronics provides an all-in-one service.


…is tested and confirmed multiple times, both by dilitronics and by our partners, to ensure a technically superior product with the best quality.


…exemplified by a team which brings together application-specific expertise and years of practical experience when carrying out your project.

On the market, fast…

…thanks to our highly efficient processes, keeping the turnaround time for your project short.

Quick and efficient…

…when building the foundations of your product, thanks to the dilitronics LED driver modules – this means we can begin working on the individual requirements of your application as soon as possible.

Strategic production partners…

…ensure a stable production chain, while you and your project remain the priority.


…through specialised variant management and several carefully-selected strategic partners. Make decisions and achieve results while dilitronics takes care of the rest!


…approaches to individual products, developed according to your requirements. We only develop bespoke products tailored to your needs and your application.

Stay up-to-date, stay safeguarded

…thanks to dilitronics. dilitronics Continuous Supply makes sure your product stays cutting-edge even through product modifications, new versions and component cancellations.



Your project with dilitronics: an overview


Project phases:

What dilitronics does for you:


  • extensive analysis of the requirements
  • consultation


  • direct communication with a fixed, trained contact person
  • structured project documentation, continuously updated

  • prototype development
  • iterative development processes
  • intensive prototype tests through in-house real-world simulations of extreme situations
  • module and system verification

  • production by quality-certified partners, audited by dilitronics
  • double-checking of quality standards to the highest level: products are tested by the partners during the production process and receive secondary testing by us prior to delivery
  • safe and appropriate storage of the product until the desired delivery date

  • continued support following implementation
  • maintenance, repair and replacement services