At dilitronics engineering, we do what we do best: designing and developing products for a varied and challenging range of application fields. Now let’s talk about you: who you are, what your strengths are and how we can achieve success together.

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Elektronik Entwickler Jobs

What we offer:

  • Professionally challenging projects: build upon your expertise, learn, and grow. Work independently, take responsibility and find the best possible result – in your own way!
  • A culture of support and exchange: as part of a team of people with varied personalities and qualificatons, you have the chance to develop your skills and keep on learning. Achieve innovative solutions and fantastic results, together with a team of great minds!
  • A friendly working environment: work with people who motivate you every day, who you trust totally and who recognise your achievements – and celebrate them with you! Be a part of this relaxed, amicable atmosphere.
Entwicklungs-Ingenieur Stelle

We offer positions in the following departments:

  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Administration
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Production/Quality Control

As a midsize company based in Thüringen, many of our employees feel a connection with the region and its great merits. But we are ultimately an international company; working with clients around the world, our employees have the chance to build their language skills and work internationally.