• At every step, with every business decision, dilitronics engineering is led by a core set of clearly defined values and best practices, which we share with our numerous partners.

We highly value our many partners:


  • are our partners, not just our paycheck
  • receive the best solution for their project when we work as a team
  • receive friendly, conscientious communications with maximum transparency


  • are also our partners
  • work together with us in a productive symbiosis, to everyone’s advantage
  • facilitate fluid cooperation and communication


  • should be given the chance to realise their professional and personal potential
  • enjoy a friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • bring this atmosphere through into client relationships

the society

  • We support the local economy of Thüringen as a medium-sized company.
  • We are a future-proof employer.
  • We live up to our ethical and ecological standards.




Taking responsibility, minimising impact

Being socially and environmentally sustainable is one of the fundamental principles of our company; we know that we, like every active member of the global economy, have our own impact on the world. This is why it goes without saying that we’re always asking how we can improve our sustainability as a company and reduce our footprint as much as possible. We are convinced that this approach will ensure our success as a company going forward and uphold our stability. Furthermore, we feel it is essential to live up to these values in order to actively support a peaceful, healthy community, both locally and globally.csr_lang